“Train them well enough so they can leave.
Treat them well enough so they don’t want to”

~ Sir Richard Branson
Principal Conference Lorne Nov' 2022

Sustaining, supporting and enabling school staff

How do we keep happy, engaged and empowered teachers?

Many teachers these days survive, rather than thrive in their career and they cannot teach effectively when they are stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Let alone thrive. Therefore, wellbeing is at the heart of any good school.

The latest data is informing us that the majority of teachers are unhappy, feeling underappreciated and can’t manage their workload well, so there is a lot of catching up to be done in order for teachers to thrive and flourish again.

With a growing number of teachers indicating the workplace has a responsibility in addressing teacher wellbeing as much as they address student wellbeing, it is time to act!

My workshops, webinars, and coaching target teacher wellbeing by focusing on sustainable teaching practice. I incorporate the science of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology into practical tools and strategies teachers can implement straight away.

“Wendy presents for the AEU Professional Learning Centre. She is very passionate about the wellbeing of leaders and teachers in our schools. She presents in an informed and energetic way, bringing participants along with her.
It’s rewarding to see people feeling better about their “work life balance” and motivated for the future after spending time with Wendy!”

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Andrew Augerinos

Manager Australian Education Union - Professional Learning Centre

The following schools/organisations enjoyed InWellness Coaching services
or were represented by staff who attended Teacher Wellbeing professional development;

Australian Education Union

Wodonga West Primary School

Albury Education Office

Border Christian College

Queenwood School for Girls

James Fallon HS

West Albury Pre-School

Wodonga Senior Secondary College

De Pelicaan Dutch School Melbourne

Mount Annan High School

Tomaree Public School

Hume Public School

St Albans Secondary College

Coimadai Primary

Watsonia Primary School

Mount Saint Joseph Girls' College

Principal's Network South West Vic

All workshops feature :

1. Positive Psychology

2. Coaching Psychology

3. The Science of Wellbeing

4. Growth Mindset

5. Mindfulness

6. Ongoing wellness at work

Professional Development

All sessions are evidence-based and can be delivered face-to-face in Victoria, or online in other states.





Move forward with actionable steps by finding out the successful strategies to ease anxiety, stress, overwhelm and preventing teacher burn out so that you create a healthier work-leisure balance. 

Who is this for: teachers, coordinators, school leaders, principals.


Immediately begin initiating wellbeing practices by finding out how you can support teachers at school or working from home to enhance their wellbeing and effectiveness, while simultaneously increasing professional contentment. 

Who is this for: teachers, coordinators, school leaders, principals.


Learn to better self manage your teacher workload with improved thinking strategies and effective problem solving skills. This empowering webinar moves you forward from unhelpful thinking towards becoming your best teacher self. 

Who is this for: teachers, coordinators, school leaders, principals.

“I found it to be a really good refresher or reminder of the sorts of things we can all do to become more in control of our own mental and emotional health. Our positive mindset is super important in underpinning our own wellbeing. I was reminded about making small changes that are sustainable, and over time they grow to be quite significant positive changes. I am positive that everyone left with some things at least to ponder and reflect upon, and hopefully to action. “

Principal Jocelyn Owen

Wodonga West Primary School

“What I loved about this webinar…It was relatable and easy to understand. We liked the part about being a good listener – when you ask how are you – you need to listen and do more than just ask the question. We thought it was very beneficial and as a staff we gained lots from the experience.”

Moira Ross

Principal Coimadai Primary

“This webinar was fantastic and it provided me with practical and useful information that I could have used at the beginning of my career. This knowledge would have saved me some of the struggle that I faced alone in my career. I highly recommend schools and governments to provide this among all schools, to create a better environment for all. If you take care of each other, students will be better off.

This webinar was practical, insightful and empowering. I believe this is concrete support for all in a school community and would love to see more schools take this approach..

I have seen other people try to do what you have but have missed the mark. You are spot on. So, thank you. I left wanting to continue my career with gusto.”

Jennifer Warwick

Teacher, Vic

My aha moment is the Teacher Workload matrix!

Kimberley Silva

Teacher, Vic

“It has been a challenging year for teachers. Wendy‘s presentation acknowledged the demanding work of teachers and was a timely reminder that we don’t need to be so hard on ourselves. Staff reviews were extremely positive commenting on her engaging, friendly, and natural communication style. Wendy provided numerous strategies for turning unhelpful thinking around; she gave practical ways to be less overwhelmed and more resilient.”

Janet MacKenzie

Staff Development Coordinator
St. Albans Secondary College, Victoria

“Some fantastic strategies for managing emails/workload.
Also a lot of positive suggestions about altering your own mindset. Encouraging that level of cognition really is the key.”

Owen McIntyre

Teacher, Vic

We need more PD’s like this for teachers well-being instead on curriculum as it will help us to be more positive, happy and empowered in doing things productively.”

Rupinder Kaur Grewal

Teacher, Vic

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Unlock Your Staff's Potential
 - 3 hrs

This workshop has 5 key outcomes for your staff:

  • Develop research based insight how to support each other with practical coaching strategies from Coaching Psychology.

  • Develop a positive growth mindset 

  • Implementing Positive Psychology strategies for inside and outside the classroom such as mindfulness and character strengths.

  • Discussion on cultivating a greater engagement and emotional connection to the workplace

  • Develop mindsets and behaviours to enable greater performance, through practical self-care  and wellbeing tools and strategies.

healthy, inwellness, wendy kenbeek, wellbeing, coach, teachers, lifestyle

The Coach-Approach to Teacher Wellness
- 1 hr

This workshop has 3 key outcomes for staff:

  • Understand the collaborative and effective strategies to support each other’s health and wellbeing.

  • Understanding the value of peer coaching and feedback.

  • Developing and practicing coaching strategies from Coaching Psychology to support each other’s health and wellbeing.

healthy, inwellness, wendy kenbeek, wellbeing, coach, teachers, lifestyle

Practical Positive Psychology for Teacher Wellness - 1hr


This workshop has 4 key outcomes for staff:

  • Understand the neuroscience behind the way we interact which affects our wellbeing.

  • Develop a positive, growth mindset with practical activities.

  • The benefits of implementing a strength-based approach to teacher wellness.

  • Exploring mindfulness with practical day to day activities in and outside the classroom.


SandiWest Albury Pre-School
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Great knowledge supported by personal experience that was simple and easy to understand and apply to everyday situations. Thank you for providing these workshops!!
StevenHume Public School
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The workshop presented by trained experienced teachers their experiences permeated the workshop. It was cathartic to talk openly about the real issues we're faced with in our vocation. Because we care so much about others, we need to care about ourselves first
Sarah James Fallon HS
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​Great positivity! Built a safe environment. Could've been a whole day! Very practical tips and useful strategies.
LyndaHume Public School
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Thank you so much for providing time/space to pause, reflect and breathe.


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