Yoga in Schools

A preventative mental health
to student wellbeing

Yoga in Schools

A preventative mental health approach

to student wellbeing

“Yoga is a mirror to look at yourself from within.”


Immerse students in an experience that is grounding, calming and helps them better understand their thoughts and feelings.

Class structure

60min sessions.

Elements of each class:

  • A theme
  • Yoga postures
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Reflection

Yoga benefits for studens

  • Improved resilience, mood, and self-regulation
  • Improved compassion for self and others
  • Improved self-esteem and body image
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Understand the connection between their mind and their body
  • Improved understanding of the strategies to navigate stressors
  • Strengthened core, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility
  • Reduced reactivity

Meet Yoga Teacher Wendy

Wendy has been teaching yoga in primary and secondary schools around Melbourne for 10 years. She loves taking students on an inward journey to think better, fell better, and do better. Wendy brings her knowledge and passion to each yoga class leaving students feeling supported, calm, and ready for the rest of their busy day.

Wendy’s qualifications in yoga teaching are:

  • Yoga Teacher Training (200hrs) Byron bay
  • Yoga Teacher Training for Kids
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for Kids
  • Yoga Therapy for Kids Teacher Training 
  • Yoga Mastery  in Teaching

Schools where Wendy has delivered yoga programs

Methodist Ladies College

Star or the Sea College

Melbourne Girls College

Brunswick Secondary School

Gilmore College for Girls Footscray (fmr)

Kew High School

Bialik College

North Fitzroy Primary School

Yarra Primary School



At MLC Kew we utilise a number of wonderful educators in our PE classes, Wendy Kenbeek is our yoga specialist, who runs innovative and engaging classes with students of all ages. She comes highly recommended by both staff and students!

Jorja Harrison

Head of Physical Education - Methodist Ladies College

From the very moment Wendy came on board teaching kids yoga she has always been so motivated, inspiring, reliable and always eager to add more benefit to the classes by bringing in props, or some of her own teaching modalities to enhance to quality of the class.

Wendy is super friendly, bubbly and kids feel seen, inspired, comfortable and excited to be in her presence. She makes the classes fun and educational leaving the student feeling nourished on all levels.

Alex Hocking

Owner/Director of Yogabean