Now You Can Get FREE Access to These Successful Teacher Wellbeing Webinars!

Download these webinars which were delivered at the Australian Education Union and many schools in Australia.

  • 3 hours worth of Professional Development

What you will gain:

Webinar 1:
Reset and Recharge

  • Actionable steps to ease stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Understanding the importance of resetting our habits

  • 7 evidence-based and effective strategies to re-energise as a teachear.

Webinar 2:
Effectively Supporting Teachers

  • Learn the 1-1 coach-approach to supporting colleagues.

  • Learn effective whole school, teacher support strategies.

  • Understanding the importance of psychological safety for teacher wellbeing

Webinar 3:
Facing Teacher Stressors Head On

  • Implement strategies to better self-manage your workload.

  • Create greater awareness of unhelpful thinking styles

  • Strategies to counter self-sabotaging teaching behaviour.

  • Understand the strategies you can implement to effectively problem solve.
“This webinar was fantastic and it provided me with practical and useful information that I could have used at the beginning of my career. This knowledge would have saved me some of the struggle that I faced alone in my career. I highly recommend schools and governments to provide this among all schools, to create a better environment for all. If you take care of each other, students will be better off.

This webinar was practical, insightful and empowering. I believe this is concrete support for all in a school community and would love to see more schools take this approach..

I have seen other people try to do what you have but have missed the mark. You are spot on. So, thank you. I left wanting to continue my career with gusto.”
Jennifer Warwick
Teacher, Vic
“I found it to be a really good refresher or reminder of the sorts of things we can all do to become more in control of our own mental and emotional health. Our positive mindset is super important in underpinning our own wellbeing. I was reminded about making small changes that are sustainable, and over time they grow to be quite significant positive changes. I am positive that everyone left with some things at least to ponder and reflect upon, and hopefully to action. “
Principal Jocelyn Owen
Wodonga West Primary School
My aha moment is the Teacher Workload matrix!
Kimberley Silva
Teacher, Vic
"Some fantastic strategies for managing emails/workload. Also a lot of positive suggestions about altering your own mindset. Encouraging that level of cognition really is the key."
Owen McIntyre
Teacher, Vic
"We need more PD’s like this for teachers well-being instead on curriculum as it will help us to be more positive, happy and empowered in doing things productively."
Rupinder Kaur Grewal,
Teacher, Vic

Get FREE Access to These Successful Teacher Wellbeing Webinars


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